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StaffRoster is a highly advanced shift work management software which can be integrated with payroll software and HR Management.

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Partnership Objective:

StaffRoster aims to break into the market internationally, and in order to achieve this goal it needs companies like yours!



Sale, Marketing, Set-Up, Management: on the partner

Service and second level technical assistance: on StaffRoster



Set-Up + First Level Technical Assistance: on the partner SALE

Marketing + Management + Second Level Technical Assistance: on StaffRoster

Our solution could be easily integrated with third party time attendance and payroll software and we have years of experiences doing that. If you think that our product could be complementary to yours, we would be glad to investigate the matter.

Our idea, based on the experience gained in Italy, is that a niche product like ours, focused on optimizing workforce and based on advanced algorithms, could give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What are the benefits StaffRoster can offer?

Removing overtime hours:

You can remove overtime hours by developing a perfect work schedule

Quality of service:

You can remove overtime hours by developing a perfect work schedule

Integration with other software:

StaffRoster is compatible with software for managing paychecks and time stamping

Drawing up concrete goals:

You can identify the planning for personnel numbers and duties, based on the historical turnovers and productivity targets

Increasing productivity:

You can increase the productivity thanks to an overview of the company and efficient communication channels

Reports and statistics:

You can get reports and statistics in a fast and efficient way

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Our Product:

StaffRoster has its own APP version (MyStaffRoster) and it can be integrated with payroll software and HR Management.

StaffRoster is a workforce management enterprise application, particularly focused on shifts schedule and intended to be used by cloud. The software has been launched on the Italian market in 2012 and to this day, it boasts many clients in different market sectors, such as Penny Market, Adidas, Sky.

StaffRoster is suitable both for small and large companies; it can manage shifts of over 20.000 employees and it can be introduced within companies operating in any type of business.

StaffRoster has so far been adopted in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare

  • Retail & GDO

  • Services

  • Call center

  • Production

  • Production

  • Airports

  • Media

  • Catering

Our Clients:

Here are some of the current clients
  • penny-market
  • sky
  • burger-king
  • adidas
  • tmt
  • jaked

Our Sales Policy

StaffRoster is currently sold in Italy by the company which developed it, named FirLab and, thanks to an agreement, ADP resells the software integrated with different business management solutions it offers.

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