StaffRoster is a software for the management of company shifts developed by FirLab, company founded in 2002 in Florence, Italy.

FirLab intends to make StaffRoster the reference solution for the Italian Workforce Management and to make it one of the leading applications in foreign markets over a few years.

  • Gestionale gestione turni lavoro
  • Staff Roster - Gestionale per gestione dipendenti
  • 2003 StaffRoster starts

    Since December 2003, FirLab, has been working on the development of a software that would have shortly become StaffRoster. The idea came from advices provided in hospitals that highlighted a serious problem in the organization of the workforce.
  • 2006 StaffRoster Release 1.0

    2006 is the year of release 1.0; at that same time the software was placed on the market. In the 3 years since its inception, StaffRoster has been developed on two tracks: on the one hand, evolving technologies and design approaches with a watchful eye on the state of the art; on the other hand, acquiring greater and more profound knowledge of business processes related to resources’ management.
  • 2009 Smart Arms starts

    The project of vertical integration at the Orio al Serio Airport prompted the need for an ad hoc tool for the world of airports. In 2009 Smart Arms was released as the result of the analysis of all ground handling processes at an international airport.
  • 2011 Retail Manager Module

    The retail world was one of the first to express the will to computerize the planning processes. To meet all the requirements of a chain of retail outlets, StaffRoster provided itself with a module (now integrated into the Core) for managing the industry’s needs such as the control on productivity.
  • 2012 Business Integration Module

    StaffRoster expands its offer: Medium-to-large businesses need to make the computer systems of HR departments interface with those of the administration. FirLab creates the Business Integration module, based on the REST web services technology, to let StaffRoster interact with several other payroll management software packages, clock-in cards, and so on.
  • 2013 Port Terminals Vertical integration

    StaffRoster is provided with specific features for managing the staff schedule and a mechanism for sending SMS and automatic responder.
  • 2015 Smart FCL

    For the airports world, the Smart FCL module is created within Smart Arms, for the management of the Flight Check Lists of the ramp agent and the communication of the READY signal to the control centre with A-CDM procedure.
  • 2015 Port Terminal Manager Module

    The Port Terminal Manager module gets created providing all features of management of shifts scheduling by using both internal and out-sourcing staff and means.
  • 2016 StaffRoster Cloud

    FirLab provided itself with a new and innovative infrastructure for the supply of the StaffRoster service in SaaS (Software as a Service). The FirLab's data center is controlled by a delivery system based on a latest generation Docker platform.
  • 2016 StaffRoster App

    StaffRoster Mobile App is released: the employees can view information about shifts and directly interact with the company, to request holidays, leaves and enter preferences.


Constant improvement is our goal

Mario Del Giudice

Chief Executive Officer

Mario Del Giudice is one of the founding members and is Chairman of FirLab Board of Directors . He got a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. As a sales representative of the StaffRoster product, he works on marketing strategies and he is responsible for the organisation of the sales network.

Stefano Cappugi

Chief Technical Officer

Stefano Cappugi is one of the founding members and is one of the members of the board of directors. He earned a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. As a research and development manager he works on the product’s vision and on the technological evolution.

Massimo Monsignori

Chief Development Officer

Massimo Monsignori is one of the members of the board of directors. He earned a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence. Since March 2004 he has been in FirLab and he is responsible for the development of StaffRoster. In particular, he deals with StaffRoster’s vertical integrations for the airports and ports sector.

Tommaso Taruffi

Chief Product Officer

Tommaso Taruffi is one of the members of the board of directors. He earned a degree in Informatics from the University of Florence. In FirLab since July 2007, he is responsible for product’s quality and supervises marketing activities.

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StaffRoster is a native web based software that allows you to manage all aspects of the work shifts in the company, optimising the workforce.