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    Automatic Shifts' Scheduling, optimise your company resources.

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    Companies and employees always connected.

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    Business Integration

    HR Processes and employees planning finally in agreement.

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Manage your work shifts

Discover our shifts management platform

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Why relying on StaffRoster

The platform for managing the shifts that you were looking for

It reduces overtime

Reduce overtime by developing an optimized scheduling.

It defines the needed staff

Find the right needed staff by looking at the historical revenue and productivity goals.

It solves staff ‘s problems

Quickly solve staff’s issues through modern computerized management tools.

It increases productivity

Thanks to the company's overall view and efficient communication channels.

It ensures quality of the service

Through the use of right skilled employees.

Obtain reports and statistics

Obtain reports and statistics quickly and effectively.

With StaffRoster we were able to optimise the presences

With StaffRoster, we can check the daily presences immediately and, therefore, we have been able to improve productivity by working on contract types and on the optimisation of presences with weekly proceeds analysis.
Staffroster software organizzazione lavoro

Arranger Consulting - Burger King franchisee
Operation Manager

A single platform accessible in real time

Before StaffRoster we did not have the ability to share information on a single platform accessible in real time to all the professional figures involved in the staff schedule process, we could not trace the changes, and we did not have the ability to integrate other tools and software. With StaffRoster we solved these problems and we started to notify the schedule through sms / instant responder.
Staffroster software gestione turni

Terminal Darsena Toscana
Terminal Development Manager

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StaffRoster is a native web based software that allows you to manage all aspects of the work shifts in the company, optimising the workforce.

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