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Automatic Shifts' Scheduling.

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StaffRoster offers the solution to the problems you have with business shift management.

Your company can work in any market segment. The important thing is that you have more than 50 employees to be coordinated.

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Gestire automaticamente i turni in base alle mansioni, alle tipologie contrattuali e alle particolarità anagrafiche;

Personalizzare i turni in base al settore operativo di riferimento;

Beneficiare del controllo automatico della copertura dei turni;

Ricercare automaticamente un sostituto o elaborare scenari alternativi;

Request your custom offer without any commitment.

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  • Vittorio Marzuoli
    Before StaffRoster we did not have the ability to share information on a single platform accessible in real time to all the professional figures involved in the staff schedule process, we could not trace the changes, and we did not have the ability to integrate other tools and software. With StaffRoster we solved these problems and we started to notify the schedule through sms / instant responder.
    Vittorio Marzuoli
    Terminal Darsena Toscana
  • Fabrizio Giorgione
    With StaffRoster, we can check the daily presences immediately and, therefore, we have been able to improve productivity by working on contract types and on the optimisation of presences with weekly proceeds analysis.
    Fabrizio Giorgione
    Arranger Consulting - franchisee Burger King