StaffRoster is ideal for a variety of market segments

The ideal solution for every business sector.

StaffRoster can be introduced to companies operating in any business sector to manage their workforce, because, from the beginning, it has been created with the idea of being a solution for as many companies as possible.

To date, this software is used by companies in different market segments and the feedback collected over more than 10 years of activity has always been positive.

Our software is developed to meet your business needs. From your experience, we draw inspiration to improve and update the software, constantly adding innovative features.

vendita software gestionale per i servizi sanitari


Historically, this is the first functional area that was analysed. Hospitals, clinics, rehab centres, nursing homes, analytical laboratories and emergency – urgency facilities.

In the healthcare world, attention is almost always focused on the efficiency of the service, which benefits both patients and operators.

  • Management of the operating units

  • Management of the first-aid operative units

  • Activities Planning

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Staffroster gestione turni retail

Retail & GDO

StaffRoster allows you to identify the needed staff by calculating it on the basis of your objective revenue. StaffRoster thus becomes not only a staff planning tool, but also a powerful tool for controlling and verifying business productivity. Here are some features for the retail world:

  • Historical sales volumes and objective management [sales volumes or issued receipts or customer accesses]

  • Authorization to scheduling on the basis of the achievement of the set productivity

  • Daily productivity report with weekly account for each point of sale

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Staffroster vendita software gestionale per i servizi alle aziende


The companies that provide services usually have to adjust the staff shifts to the specific activities that have to be carried out. StaffRoster, for this kind of use, allows a proper management of activities and qualifications to carry them out.

  • Managing sections schedules

  • Activities’ management

  • Monitoring of different clients schedule.

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Staffroster vendita software gestionale per call center

Call Center

For the world of call centers, the main problem is to find the right staff needs in the various time bands of the day.

The planning process therefore has to factor in everything necessary to produce a shifts’ scheduling that meets the requirements. StaffRoster therefore provides these features:

  • Employees’ skill Management

  • Management of working profiles on the basis of Contracts and time limits

  • Optimization of covering the needs in case of spot campaigns

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Staffroster vendita software gestionale per aziende di produzione


The shifts management is a requirement established in the world of manufacturing companies. For decades the creation of shifts has been subject to analysis and negotiation with the business organizations.

  • Historical configuration of job skills.

  • Configuration of the department in sections.

  • Management of work teams and availability.

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Staffroster vendita software gestionale terminal

Port Terminals

A port terminal is a rather complex world that can take on very different configurations.

There are container terminals, energy terminals. Passenger, military and other ports of call.

  • Management of outside personnel.
  • Ships’ schedule management.
  • Planning dashboard
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Staffroster vendita software gestionale per compagnie aeree


For the airports world, StaffRoster provides a vertical integration (Smart Arms) that factors in all the special features of a scheduling within a stopover.

  • Rules engineto develop flight plans.

  • Scheduling personnel’s daily activities.

  • Mobile Smart FCL app for ramp agents.

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Staffroster software gestione turni


The spread of internet and social media in particular has further intensified the problem of having to meet the requirements of programming or posting by reacting in almost real time as a social media can allow.

  • Management of operators preferences.

  • Messaging and notification system in real time.

  • Shifts scheduling connected to programming.

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Staffroster vendita software gestionale per industrie

Restaurant industry

The world of restaurant industry could be assimilated to retail with which it shares the approach and generally the organization. However, the restaurant industry has some peculiar features that StaffRoster allows to manage.

  • Management of shift bands’ requirement (eg breakfast, lunch and dinner).

  • Shift exchanges among employees.

  • Service allocation notification system.

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Staffroster programma gestione turni


In a world increasingly connected, the employees want to keep up-to-date and have data always at their fingertips.

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Staffroster programma gestione turni

Business Integration

It is a suite of web services, that can be invoked via http from any software, that return information relating to scheduled shifts and to the inserted absences.

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