For the airports world, StaffRoster provides a vertical integration (Smart Arms) that takes account of all the special features of a scheduling within a stopover.

At an airport, the handler plans the staff starting from the needs of the seasonal flight plan, updated from time to time by the airlines.

The processing of the flight plan generates the staff requirements with the right skill to perform all tasks with precision, necessary for the management of the flight and of the related activities such as check-in and gates planning.

Additionally, Smart Arms provides the tools needed for pad and control center activities.


Main Features

Flight plans

Rules engine for the processing of flight plans.

Activities’ planning

Planning staff on daily groung handling activities.

Smart FCL app

Mobile smart FCL app for pad agents to manage underboard activities.

Smart Belt app

Mobile Smart Belt App for managing the unloading at the baggage belts.

Smart RIT app

Smart RIT for the allocation of pad agents

Flights Monitoring

Flight Monitor for flight monitoring and fueling activities.


What It Improves

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