Historically, this is the first functional area that was analysed. Hospitals, clinics, rehab centres, nursing homes, analytical laboratories and emergency – urgency facilities.

In the healthcare world, attention is almost always focused on the efficiency of the service, which benefits both patients and operators of the facilities.

The proper identification of shifts and personnel needs in the departments, the use of staff with the appropriate expertise in the right place and at the right times, a shifts scheduling that respects contracts and whenever possible the employees' wishes, these are just some of the reasons that make it StaffRoster is a powerful tool in managing processes, otherwise often out of control.


Main Features

Operating units’ management

Management of the operating units with dedicated machineries such as radiology, MRI scans and CAT scan.

Management of complex operating units

Management of some of the most complex operating units such as emergency room, operating rooms and analysis laboratories with extensive use of sections and qualifications.

Use of the preferences

Preferences inserted by departments’ coordinators to create scheduling frames, in particular the presence of critical shifts such as night shifts.


Possibility of adopting existing rotas in the company as full five days shifts or special sequences also through the use of work teams.

Copertura fabbisogno

Approccio demand driven con copertura a fabbisogno per gestire i centri prenotazioni delle strutture sanitarie.

Requirement covering

Demand driven approach with coverig according to requirement for managing healthcare facilities’ reservation centres.


What It Improves

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