Generally speaking, retail is about chain stores that sell various types of products from clothing to books to clothing, from food to technology.

The large organised distribution, however, usually identifies structures such as supermarkets or supermarket chains. In both cases, the problem is to identify the proper personnel requirement for time band in each department of the store.

StardRoster allows you to identify the personnel’s need by calculating it on the basis of your objective revenue. StaffRoster thus becomes not only a staff planning tool, but also a powerful tool for controlling and verifying business productivity.


Main Features

Management of turnover and historical data

Historical and objective turnover management (turnover or issued receipts or customer accesses).

Planning for Objectives

Planning authorizations on the basis of the achievement of the set productivity.

Daily reports

Daily delivery of productivity report with weekly account for each point of sale.

Personnel Sharing

Personnel Sharing


What it improves

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