StaffRoster is the software for the company shifts management: all in one platform, all in real time, available to the HR department, to the administration or to the department of production and to your employees, online and mobile.

StaffRoster allows you to manage all aspects of the work shifts in the company, by optimizing the workforce. When integrated with an time/attendance software it allows to fully manage the employees' pay slips.

The companies, by using StaffRoster, will be able to plan shifts and activities in accordance with their needs and their staff structure. Once the employees’ records have been configured, contracts, requirements, shifts’ rules, and activities records have been entered, the process allows to obtain both the shifts and activities planning.

What are the benefits

to improve Company performance

How it works

With the App version, all your employees will be connected on a single platform!

StaffRoster allows you to develop an automatic schedule and plan the human resources over the long and medium term ,by enabling insertion, management and editing of different types of constraints and specified parameters (legislative, contractual, operational, procedural, training, qualitative, etc.).
The defined schedule considers specific assignment parameters for each resource, to be defined on the basis of the characteristics of each activity and of the specific operational and contractual constraints.
In the strategic phase, StaffRoster allows the management of simulation scenarios or templates for a proper assessment of real needs of staff.

Cost Analysis in StaffRoster

How to control the shifts' costs

Through the cost analysis module, it is possible to plan shifts while keeping the costs associated with them under control. The calculations are made in real time,both in the planning phase and in the final accounting phase. The amount of hours worked will be separated in the various categories: ordinary hours, overtime, hours of leave, holidays, etc. The Cost Analysis module allows you to define the appropriate rules for every level of the company organizational chart, work contract, contract qualification and even single employees.

Planning process

The process of planning and programming of human resources is divided into two main phases:
1Strategic Phase
It verifies the coherence of human resources available by quantity and skill according to the needs.
2Tactical Phase
It updates periodically the original schedule according to needs changes or exceptional events such as temporary unavailability of resources or other critical situations.

Business Sectors

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