In a world increasingly connected, the employees want to keep up-to-date and have data always at their fingertips.

It is essential to provide the people who work in the company with the right tools to be able to take decisions in real time. The company employees can thus learn immediately about the most important tasks assigned to them.

An App suitable for all

MyStaffRoster app is available for the two most popular platforms: Android and iOS. It provides the company employees with the opportunity to know their shifts’ scheduling at any time and everywhere. It also allows to apply for holidays and permits, to enter preferences (and shift change requests), to display one’s own clocking in and send messages to the colleagues in the company.

All features in a single solution

All of the most important features for the employees in the StaffRoster portal have been made available in the mobile application. An advanced notification system allows you to learn about insertions or variations of evidences, shifts, activities, preferences, and messages in real time. It is also possible to filter the notifications you want to receive.

In addition, thanks to the SRClocks bluetooth device to be installed at the employee entrances, MyStaffRoster becomes a terminal to enter the clocking in and clocking out that can be displayed in real time in the gantt view of StaffRoster’s shifts.

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